Type B92

Type B92

(Type F92 - bushing with a flange)

(Type W92 - sliding washer)

Sliding bushings is made of  perforated and wrapped bronze (CuSn8P) plate. Designed for heavy loads, especially impact loads. They require pre-lubrication and relubrication during work. It can be lubricated with a solid grease or oils. It is characterized by high abrasion efficiency,  ability to work in touhg conditions caused by dirt. Very dood stiffness of the bearings node.

Available in standard version ISO 3547 and DIN 1494



Typical load capacity static≦ 120 N/mm2 (at sliding speed max 0,01m/s)

Typical load capacity dynamic ≦ 40 N/mm2 (at low sliding speed max 2m/s)

Sliding speed≦ 2,5 m/s

Friction factorμ0,05 - 0,12  (depending on lubrication)

Maximum PV2,8 N/mm2 * m/s

Operating temp. -40 to +250 oC


  • housingH7
  • bushing after assemblingH9
  • shaftf7-h8


Shaft hardeness150-400 HB

Surface rouhgnessRz ≦ 6.3

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