Type BCU

Type BCU

(Type FCU - bushing with a flange)

Sliding sleeves made of porous sintered bronze - standard CuSn10 (SAE841) with graphite addition (0.5-3% by volume), vacuum-soaked with SAE 30 oil (18-23% by volume).

These are bushings with very low operating clearance and long service life, designed for maintenance-free operation (no lubrication required!) and to operate at very high linear sliding speed (e.g. motors)

Dimensional series available in accordance with DIN 1494



Typical load capacity static≦40 N/mm2

Typical load capacity dynamic≦1,8 N/mm2

Sliding speed≦7m/s

Friction factorμ0,03

Hardeness25 HB

Maximum PV1,8 N/mm2 * m/s

Operating temp.-100 do +200oC



  • housingH7
  • sliding surface aftre assemblingH7-H8
  • shaftf7-h8
  • bushing lenght and flange diameterjs23


Shaft hadreness200-300HB

Shaft roughnessRz ≦ 4

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