Type B20

Type B20

(Type F20 - bushings with a flange)

(Type W20 - sliding washers)

Sliding sleeves made copper-plated, low carbon steel, with a sliding surface made of perforated POM polymer (polyoxomethylene).

These sleeves are designed for very heavy duty applications. The sliding surface (POM) has grease pockets, thanks to which, after initial lubrication, lubricant is collected evenly distributed after the pin during operation. This ensures maintenance-free operation, very good sliding properties and at the same time a small working clearance.

Series available in accordance with ISO 3547 and DIN 1494.


Typical load capacity static≦ 250 N/mm2

Typical load capacity dynamic≦ 140 N/mm2  (at low sliding speed)

Sliding speed≦ 2,5 m/s

Friction factorμ0,04 - 0,12 (depending on lubrication)


Maximum PV:2,8 N/mm2*m/s

Operation temp.-40 to +130 oC


Tolerances:H7, h8

Shaft hardenessHRB 150-600

Surface roughnessRz ≦ 4-6

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