Type B10

Type B10

(Type F10 - bushing with a flange)

(Type W10 - sliding washer)

Sliding bushings made of wrapped,  tin-plated steel (less commonly copper-plated) with a sliding surface made of PTFE polymer (polytetrafluoroethylene called Teflon).

Other manufacturers/distributors markings: TUP1, PAP....P10, PCM, SBT, BS.....

These are bushings with very low working clearance, very high load capacity and durability, designed for maintenance-free operation (they should not be lubricated!).

Series available in accordance with ISO 3547 and DIN 1494.


Typical load capacity static≦250 N/mm2

Typical load capacity dynamic≦140 N/mm (at low sliding speed)

Sliding speed≦2,5m/s

Friction factorμ0,03 - 0,25

Maximum PV:

  • constantly1,8 N/mm2 * m/s
  • short-lived3,6 N/mm2 * m/s

Operaitng temp.-200 do +280stC


  •     housingH7
  •     bushing after assemblingH9
  •     shaftf7-h8

Shaft hardenessHRB 300-600

Surface roughnessRz ≦ 2-3

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